Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sophie's Members Benefits

Members enjoy these

1. 30% Outright Discount on ALL PRODUCTS!
2. 2% to 5% Rebates on Personal Purchases
3. Referral Bonuses
4. 2% to 5% Bonuses From Your Direct Members
5. 5% to 15% Royalties From Your Franchisees

Other Benefits:

1. You can start a Sophie Paris Business with a low investment of P200.00 only.
2. You have a lifetime validity membership card, without the need to re-register nor to pay the annual registration.
3. You can get an infinite monthly income.
4. You can get more bonuses and rewards as you reach the next levels.
5. Sophie Business is an investment for your future.
6. Sophie business is open to young ages (minimum of 18 years old) and all sexes.
7. Flexible working hours.
8. Your level will not be lowered in this business.
9. You will have support from your sponsor, Business Center and Head Office.
10. It is easy to run a Sophie Business because:
a. A catalogue with approximately 650 products is published every 2 months.
b. With only 1 catalogue, you can sell the products, get a direct profit of 30% aw well as receive bonuses every month.
c. We provide new trendy products for all kinds of customers.
d. The price ranges are very affordable.
e. There are all kinds of fashion products (bags, watches, wallets and belts)
f. With more than 60 authorized distributors (Business Centers) and more than 10,00 active members, the products are very easy to get.

Just PM or contact me at:
Mobile: 091892259524

Sophie Membership

1. You should be at least 18 years old at the time of registration.

2. You must pay a lifetime membership fee of P200.00 and you shall receive a Sophie Paris Starter Kit which will include:
  • "My First Bag"
  • 1 Member Registration Form
  • 1 Latest Catalogue
  • 1 Sophie Paris Membership Card
  • 1 Guidebook
  • 1 Sophie Success Kit
  • Sample Cosmetic Product
3. You must fill in the official Member Registration Form.

4. You must provide a photocopy of your valid ID.

Wherever you are in the Philippines, you can still sign up as a member. Ask me how...

For inquiries, you can PM me here or contact me at:
Mobile: 09189259524
YM: tween_felisilda

Sophie Paris Warranties

1. The warranty on Sophie Pairs products runs for a period of seven (7) days from the time of purchase (proof of purchase must be produced); except for watch mechanisms where the warranty runs for twenty (20) days.
2. Warranty for Sophie Paris products shall be honored in all Business Centers and at the Sophie Paris Head Office (you can also PM me at Multiply or text me). For areas outside Metro Manila, warranties shall be honored within twenty (20) days coming from the Business Centers (or from me).
3. For products sold with gifts, the warranty must be sent as one (1) set.
4. Sophie Paris shall not honor warranties on promotional goods.
5. Sophie Paris warranties cover the following defects.

Warranty on BAGS:
* Production defects
* Broken or detached bag accessories
* Stitches or snaps loose
* Broken zippers
* Discolored, cracked or torn bag material

Warranty on EYEGLASSES:
* Lenses come loose
* Screw become loose
* Scratched lenses
* Uneven glass frame due to freight

Warranty on BELTS:
* Paint imperfections
* Glue removed
* Imperfections in buckle coating
* Stitches or snaps

Warranty on WATCHES:
* Broken mechanism (warranty valid for 20 days)
* Glass comes loose
* Glue removed
* Imperfections in buckle coating
* Loose stitches or snaps
* Dirty/ Stained strap material

Warranty on GARMENTS
* Defect on Material
* Dirty Material
* Stained Material
* Loose stitches or snaps

Warranty on COSMETICS
* Color Change
* Damaged/ Cracked Material
* Irritation (within 1 week from the date of purchase), only the amount of the product claimed will be covered by warranty. Please bring along cosmetic and proof of purchase.